Sticking to a budget, saving money where you can and spending wisely are all aspects of living a richer life — but investing is also an essential part of the equation.

Although you may not immediately reap the rewards of investing, your future self will thank you for helping them to “Live Richer.”

To understand how, reporter, Jaime Catmull, asked some of her favorite experts why they believe investing is an essential part of a rich life, including Dariusz Godlewski, licensed investment advisor representative and president of Financial Wealth Alliance.

Godlewski says that “Living Richer” investing can be achieved through a well-balanced portfolio.

“Cash equivalent accounts haven’t produced above inflation returns for the last few years now,” he said. “The well-diversified portfolio should produce on average a 6-8% rate of return over a longer period of time and at least keep up with inflation.”

Dariusz’ comments were also published on Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.


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