How We Help

Financial Wealth Alliance specializes in creating retirement income plans for our clients in several ways. We advise you on Social Security claiming strategies, income and estate planning, and low risk, low volatility investment management for your portfolio.

Our clients are generally in retirement or getting ready to retire, yet our financial planning solutions also serve clients in their 40s and 50s who are making important decisions now that could affect the quality of their lives over the next few decades. Our focus is on protecting your wealth, preserving your savings and maximizing your retirement income.


You can experience the retirement lifestyle you want with peace of mind when you have a plan for income you can’t outlive. These days, people are living longer so financial independence can’t just rely on income from pensions, Social Security and savings. Financial Wealth Alliance can help provide you with a reliable income plan for your retirement that adjusts with inflation and provides benefits to cover unforeseen expenses like health care costs or long-term care.


Our advisors monitor your portfolio’s performance, and review and advise on any necessary adjustments so you stay on track with your investment goals. We offer low volatility, disciplined investment strategies rooted in a tactical asset allocation philosophy that emphasizes risk managed portfolios designed to meet your risk tolerance and specific retirement income needs.

Tax Planning

Financial Wealth Alliance can help you minimize taxes on your retirement income and offer you strategies to lower or offset the taxes on required minimum distributions (RMDs) once you reach age 72. If you have other tax-qualified accounts like IRAs, which have grown on a tax-deferred basis, then we can also provide you with guidance on rollovers or conversions into other lower tax strategies if it makes sense for your particular situation.

Life Insurance

Tax-efficient retirement income is also possible through risk management solutions using life insurance. In addition, to providing a tax-free death benefit for your family members and loved ones, life insurance can also be used to cover health care or long-term care expenses, college tuition, or other financial expenses through tax-advantaged loans against your policy’s cash value (when properly structured and under certain circumstances).

Health Care

As part of our Retirement Roadmap process, we offer planning for future health care and long-term care expenses. These costs tend to rise each year well above inflation and are among the biggest threats to a stable retirement income plan. Newer products offer coverage if you need it, or will pay out other benefits if you don’t need the coverage.

While statistics vary about the need for long-term care services (due to the wide range in the length of time that people need care for), the Association on Aging reported in 2017 that someone turning age 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services in their remaining years. (“How Much Care Will You Need?” U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.)


One of your most important benefits in retirement is your healthcare, but it’s important to know how you can best leverage Medicare to your advantage. At Financial Wealth Alliance, we work with you to find the proper solution for your unique circumstances, connecting you with Medicare Advantage and supplemental plans that fit your providers and prescriptions, potentially protecting you from financial turmoil and providing stability when you might need it most. Furthermore, we can work with you each year during the open enrollment period and analyze the changes in your needs to determine whether we must find a more suitable option.


Establishing a legacy strategy now is a gift for future generations which lets you share with others during your lifetime and then after you’re gone in the way you want your assets to be distributed. The advisors at Financial Wealth Alliance will work with your attorneys or recommend experienced professionals within our network so that the important legal structures and documents are in place. Legacy planning is a vital part of our Retirement Roadmap process and, with the proper planning, can minimize the impact of taxes, guarantee your heirs receive what you want, and transfer your wealth to those causes and charities you care most about.

Other Services offered Through Our Professional Network

Preserving wealth through the generations has many legal and tax implications. When you become our client, we offer additional guidance from attorneys, accountants and tax planners. This includes charitable giving strategies, legal plans for wills and trusts, and estate planning strategies to extend the tax-deferred status of an inherited IRA.

If you are a business owner with a significant amount of your net worth currently locked up in your business, our team can also work with you on putting together a tax-efficient plan in place for the eventual sale or succession of your business.