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Watch Dariusz Godlewski of Financial Wealth Alliance discuss key retirement and financial planning topics, including how to protect your retirement assets from market volatility while participating in market gains, and strategies to minimize taxes on retirement income. If you want more information about these topics or have questions, then, we want to hear from you. Please call us at 847.312.3454.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Growth, safety and liquidity are sometimes difficult to find in financial products. There are, however, alternatives to CDs or money market accounts, potentially allowing you to earn more by participating in a portion of market gains, while limiting market risk.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Strategies

Long-term strategies for retirement income using life insurance with a cash value account tied to a market index can help provide tax-advantaged, tax-deferred and tax-free benefits for you and your family.

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Dariusz Godlewski of Financial Wealth Alliance Discusses Retirement Tax Planning